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ECB boss Will Speak Today And EURUSD at 1.28

News Date: 21/9/2014 21:13:39
Update Date: 22/9/2014 02:46:29

ECB president Draghi will speak today, and EURUSD is finding hard time to float above 1.30 again. The biggest challenge for Mario is to hold EURUSD next to 1.30, in case EURUSD support fail at 1.28 or 1.27 EURUSD might face a meltdown toward 1.18

And let’s don’t forget that EURUSD next to 1.18 in year 2012 was very negative for the Euro project and where many European countries wanted to exits the Euro zone, and where voices started to rise from Europe saying that Euro need to be strong to survive.

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