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What resulted from the tension between America and China ? 01-06-2020

News Date: 1/6/2020 05:26:42

Last Friday, Donald Trump held a press conference in Washington, speaking about his relationship with China, in which he announced the abolition of the exemptions granted to Hong Kong, and also that he canceled his country’s relationship with the World Health Organization, saying : « Because they (WHO) They failed to implement the much-needed needs, today we will end our relationship with the organization and we will redirect this money to other countries around the world and other global health needs it needs. »He explained that the relationship has reached its end, accusing the World Health Organization of siding with China since the Corona virus was heard.

And for his relationship with China, he announced the cancellation of the trade exemptions granted by Washington to Hong Kong, as he said : « It is not self-sufficient enough to justify the special treatment. » The Chinese ambassador to America said : « Any attempt to use Hong Kong to interfere in China’s internal affairs is doomed to failure. »

Against the US dollar pair against the Japanese yen by 0.13%, to settle at the level of 107.62, compared to the highest price at 107.85, while the pair the euro against the US dollar by 0.28%, to stabilize the price at 1.11 dollars, as achieved The pound sterling pair against the US dollar by 0.33% to 1,2383 levels, after the pair achieved its lowest levels during the session at 1,2328, also the pair of the US dollar against both the New Zealand dollar and the Australian dollar, in contrast to the Swiss franc and the Canadian dollar .

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