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The digital currency continues to reap the gains – 25-05-2020

News Date: 25/5/2020 07:55:44

With the beginning of the invasion of the Corona virus to the world, the world economy retreated and the prices of some commodities and currencies contracted, and with commitment to preventive measures and quarantine, the number of people relying on the digital economy increased in its different manifestations, as all of these changes encouraged the development of the digital currency by multiplying its gains and raising the level of their prices.

Bitcoin price decreased today by 0.27% (0.27% change), to settle at $ 8694.92 – and the opening price was recorded at $ 8710.12 – compared to yesterday, as Bitcoin was standing at $ 8739.87, Bitcoin trading range is expected to fluctuate today between 8881.06 and 8630.00 dollars.

As for Ethereum, which experienced a clear decline in the last period, it traded today until levels of 201.93 dollars, compared to the price of yesterday, which was settling at 201.57 dollars, this increase, which was estimated at 0.94%, changed 1,886. And has been trading in a range between 200,07 and 220,00, passing through the digital currency Ripple, which is now stable at $ 0,193060 levels, after it concluded yesterday’s trading at $ 0,196,638, a decrease of 3.2%, however Ripple is expected to rise again, while today trading range is expected to be between 0,192969 and $ 0,200655.

In light of the sudden economic changes that the world has witnessed recently, many have chosen Bitcoin as the safe currency, which is expected to know more further increase.

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