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Warning about reopening the US economy ! – 12-05-2020

News Date: 12/5/2020 04:51:09

The prices of a number of major currencies fell after the issuance of economic government decisions (GDP per capita, gross domestic product, industrial output, consumption rate) and implicitly, these decisions came to lift the restrictions on countries and preparing to open their economies.

In this context, a warning came from a responsible health sector framework regarding opening the American economy, saying that this issue is likely to lead to greater human losses, but rather a setback that is difficult to stand after ! He made it clear that it is better to slow down and reverse this fateful step !

As for currency news, the following came :

The US dollar pair against the Japanese yen continues to rise, after ending yesterday’s trading at 107.16, to stay at 107.46 this morning, while the US dollar pair against the Canadian dollar rose by 0.30%, as it stabilized at the level of 1.40 Overall, a downward slope of the latter is expected !

As for the Swiss franc, it fluctuated by a small percentage – 0.09% - against the US dollar. Yesterday, it was stable at 0,9718, to stop at 0,9724 this morning .

In turn, the British pound has not yet passed the level of 1,23, while the euro is still under negative pressure and is even crawling down ! This means forecasting a downward trend in the short term.

Silver futures contracts for next June delivery drop by 0.60%, which is equivalent to $ 15.87 an ounce, while gold is currently settling at $ 1701.11 an ounce, and a general upward slope for the day is expected


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