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You need to change the way you operate to be a better trader!

News Date: 14/8/2014 18:43:06
Update Date: 21/8/2014 21:33:08

Many traders commit the same mistake again and again, and when they take the decision to stop falling into the same trap they try to create a new pattern of operation where in reality from inside it’s the same trading operation which made them fail again and again and only from the outside some changes have been made.

From the core of your values, perfect trading operating systems are born. Trading is all about controlling the 2 main human emotions which make the market move, Greed and Fear. Usually traders who are in the market and winning are fighting with 2 demons - greed to double profits or fear of losing profit they have on the chart. On the other hand, traders who are losing, either become greedy when the market goes against them 100 or 500 pips and they enter again against the market on the hope a red loss transforms to green profits when the market switches direction, or fear strike without mercy letting them give up when they least expect it and when they close big a losing market finally switches direction.

You need to change the way you operate to become a better trader! By working on your discipline skills,  your core values and your freedom to make decisions as a human responsible for your actions in this big arena of Forex.

Here at Fxhighway LLC the home of forex we can help you master your skills by teaching you new methods and thinking patterns which will put you on the right track to become a perfect trader.

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