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Bad expectations about digital currencies!

News Date: 25/11/2022 02:29:41

Recent news/events in the cryptocurrency industry have put pressure on cryptocurrencies, as uncertainty remains alongside the general negative trajectory in the markets, affecting investors’ decisions.


The digital currency market has recently declined due to the pressure on it, in addition to the negative course in the markets, which affects the decisions of investors, and while the digital currency sector is going through the strongest and most violent period of decline and decline in the currency market, Pantera Capital expected it to be the largest hedge fund for digital currencies, expecting that if History repeated itself, Bitcoin will bottom out by the end of the current year and will start rising in the first months of 2024.



Crude oil futures rose during the Asian session on Friday, rising by 0.33% to settle at $78.20 a barrel at time of writing.


It was previously trading on the upside at USD78.39 per barrel.


Gold futures also rose during the Asian session on Friday, advancing by 0.15%, to be traded in December at USD1,757.75 per ounce at the time of writing.

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