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The Australian dollar continues to rise against the US dollar – 05-05-2020

News Date: 5/5/2020 04:00:27

Two weeks later, the Australian dollar achieved a relatively high against the US dollar, as its value fluctuated between 0.6446 and 0.6447, compared to the opening level, where it reached 0.66428, and its lowest level stood at 0.66428, while the highest level reached 0, 6454, the rate of this increase was estimated, even slightly, by 0.28%, and the Australian Central Bank meeting is expected to take place in the coming days, as the Australian Bank removed the cover behind interest rates, and revealed in a statement that it is possible to reach the lowest level of interest rates, this level That is expected to stand at 0.25%.

On the other hand, some currencies are still stable in their levels since last week, such as the euro, which still maintains its superiority against the dollar, as 1 euro equals 1.09 US dollars, the rule also applies to each of the pound sterling, while the price of the US dollar fell against The Japanese yen increased by 0.26%, meaning that the one yen equals 106,62, after it was stable yesterday at 106.75. The dollar also stabilized negatively against the Swiss franc, and its price decreased by 0.0053%, as each dollar equals 0 , 97 francs, after yesterday’s trading ended at the same value. As for the Canadian dollar, it quickly fell, as it stabilized at 1.41 Canadian dollars against the US dollar, a decrease of -0.004.

And the conclusion with gold futures contracts that declined compared to yesterday’s levels, which amounted to 1700.8 dollars per ounce, while yesterday ended 1701.75 trading, and this decrease was estimated at 0.175%, while silver was known a catastrophic decline , it declined until the price of 14.8 dollars , After being stable at the end of yesterday at 14,81.

It is expected that silver prices will continue to decline in light of the appearance of these signs. As for gold, it is highly probable that it will witness fluctuations in the level of its prices, as is the case now.

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