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Relative stability of the dollar price against foreign currencies – 04-05-2020

News Date: 4/5/2020 05:17:15

To date, no economic shocks have been announced, like those who had announced in the last month. The dollar maintains its position that it swept last week, and knows its price stability against its counterparts, despite the presence of weak differences, as the US dollar per dollar against the Japanese yen has become equal to 106.75 yen, After he ended last week’s trading – the first day of this month – at a price lower than this, it was estimated at 106.93 yen, and here a near stability appeared in his negative trend against the Japanese currency by 0.67%. As for the Canadian dollar, it quickly outperformed the dollar. The US accounted for 0.22%, as the Canadian dollar was equal to 0.71 US dollars at the beginning of the month. On the other side, the Swiss franc kept the same price against the US dollar, as it concluded last week’s trading with $ 1.04 per unit of Swiss francs, without forgetting the Australian dollar, which is slightly offset by something ! As it reached 0.64 against the US dollar, this slightly pourcentage , was stable at 0.65, and the overall decline rate was estimated at 0.028%, the same for sterling, as a unit of the latter is equal to 1.25 dollars American, and compared to last week, we find 1,26 dollars, and in turn the euro did not violate this rule ! As 1 euro is equal to $ 1.09, and when we look at trading and prices last week, it becomes clear how was the change's weakness, as it was at the price of $ 1.10. These three major currencies, whose indexes rose last week against the US dollar, are still in office.

Gold continues to fluctuate between 1706 and 1691, to reach this morning 1705.20 dollars an ounce, while silver continues to collapse to 14.98 dollars an ounce, the rate of bounce is 1.764%, while oil has known relatively recovered days ago, stormed higher Its levels are at $ 21.60 a barrel.

Currency prices are expected to stabilize in their levels, in addition to the increase in oil prices.

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