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The Australian dollar rebounded and the euro resumed its rise, all against the US dollar – 29-04-2020

News Date: 29/4/2020 04:21:01

After a month and a half of decline, the Australian dollar is returning to the level of rise, as it rose against the US dollar by 0.51% on Wednesday morning, April 29, after recording at the beginning of this month 0.61, while the price of 0.65 per dollar is recorded The US dollar against the unit of the Australian dollar, and here shows its high level during these past few weeks.

The euro currency, in turn, witnessed a rise against the US dollar by 0.27%, as the price of the US dollar coined 1.09 against one euro, this figure, which was fixed at 1,0820 at the beginning of the opening of the regular sessions, and quickly rose to stand at that price . This is without forgetting the reference to the British pound, which still maintains its superiority over the dollar, as it stabilized at the level of 0,80 pounds sterling against one dollar, and recorded its highest level three weeks ago, by approximately 0.82.

As for the Swiss franc, it increased slightly compared to yesterday by a very slight pourcentage,  even though it's uncleear, as it equals 0,97 against a unit of the US dollar. for the Japanese yen, it only continued to drop in clear lines. 26 yen per one dollar, but now it recorded its lowest level and stopped at 106.54.

On the other hand, gold prices stabilize at $ 1711.25 an ounce, which means that they decreased by 0.925% after they ended the last trading day at $ 1722.20. The same is true for silver, whose price has decreased by 0.370%, and its prices have returned to 15,195.

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