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Crude Oil tops the scene – 23-04-2020

News Date: 23/4/2020 04:48:56

Crude oil  futures contracts that were traded in June at $ 14.20 a barrel, and continued to rise until they stabilized at the level of 15,28 per barrel, after trading yesterday at 13,78 levels. This increase, which was estimated at 7.62%, according to the New York Mercantile Exchange.

The Brent index numbers also increased in turn, which will also be delivered next June. The per barrel ratio reached 21.97 dollars, and at the beginning of the session it reached only 20.89 dollars, after it was trading yesterday at the level of 20.37 dollars, and its rate of increase was estimated About 7.85%.

With the relative recovery of oil, the value of the US dollar fell against the Canadian dollar today by 0.3%, to reach 1.4134.

Its value against the euro also decreased by 0.7846%, equaling one dollar to 1.08 euros. It also gave up its value against the British pound, so the value of one dollar reached 1,3230 pounds, and this decrease was estimated at 1.477%.

The same is true for the Swiss franc, as one unit CHF = $ 1.03.

We review the stability or appreciation of the dollar with some other currencies :

Its value has decreased compared to  the Japanese yen, as one yen equals 0.0039 dollars.

The same with the Canadian dollar, 1 Canadian dollar = 0.71 US dollars.

In light of oil recovery, gold  retreated by 0.22%, while silver price rose by 0.27%.

In addition, Dow Jones and Nasdaq indices, as well as the Standard & Poors indicators roses .

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